Monday, May 21, 2012

Loopdeloop - ONE

Loopdeloop is turning ONE this month, so they're celebrating with the loneliest theme, ONE.

I had originally considered doing a Highlander theme (THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!), however, having never seen the film and a concept that started to get bigger than I cared to do in a month, I decided to change Loops mid stream. Drawing from a time when vampires were men and counting was sexy, this month's loop is a homage to Count Von Count. Counting one of things.

I tried to draw a cat as one of the things, but kind of failed, so it was replaced by a blender.

Also, I'm really in love with the song I used, In Fielder by Miro Belle. It's free under Creative Commons, so check it out. And remix it if you want.

Check it out on Loopdeloop

Sub note: I recently found out that the Count had a girlfriend The Countess. I actually remember the "Twenty Something" segment from when I was a kid, but not The Countess.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Badges

For my brother's wedding, he wanted to have name badges for all the guests featuring a caricature of him and his then-fiance-now-wife on them.

I did feel I could get away with a bit of artistic licence when it came to my brother (also it's easier to get away with drawing someone with a big nose if they don't actually have one), but I felt I needed to be a bit kinder with the depiction of his wife. I think I kept a nice consistency between the two illustrations and they were well received. It's easy to get honest opinion on things when no one knows who did them. Also it's easy to get a positive opinion when people are drunk.

Here's an action shot of the 150 badges made.