Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loopdeloop - CHEESE DREAMS

When Loopdeloop ran the theme CHEESE DREAMS in support of Rubber House's animated show of the same name, I was bit short for ideas. While I tend to remember most of my dreams, none of them are particularly interesting. They're usually along the lines of "I was going to the supermarket, but then I never made it to the supermarket despite driving for a really long time, then I woke up".

What I settled on my animation was the depiction of a friend (featured in the animation) and her nightmarish combination of food, a pickle covered in vinegar, while she eats the only thing her delicate palette can handle, a single slice of white bread. This resulted in something a lot more Freudian than I was intending, but any dirty thoughts are projected upon the loop by the viewer.

Check out this animation on Loopdeloop

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